About FACE Radio Show

Jennifer M. Anderson from Skin Chic Inc. has  a 1 hour radio show About Face Thursday Morning’s at 8:00 AM EST 

You can call in!!! 727-388-4777

Professional Minute: Salon/Spa Business for owners, spa directors and managers Beauty Industry Special Guests

Q&A segment: Write a question on the About FACE facebook page/ Skin Chic Inc. Facebook page/ Email me at www.skinchicinc@gmail.com so I can answer on air.
Makeup and Skincare tips: Golden nuggets I always share on each show!
Special Guests: Only Beauty Industry experts and influential people in the beauty industry
Salon and Spa Business tips and information for Salon/Spa Owners, Spa Directors, Managers, Business Owners: Salesmanship, Marketing, Cross Selling, Customer Service and focusing on “The Bottom Line”
Show Topics/Themes- At Home Facials, SPF, Money, Travel, Exfoliation and much much more!!!
Myth Busters: Take a myth in the beauty industry and BUST it- educate why it is a myth and teach the correct way to go about the topic.
Personal Stories: From my vast 20 career

Every show is recorded and PODCAST so you won’t miss a show!!

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